Meet Courtney Violet Bentley

Courtney’s talks, workshops and interactive trainings have inspired women’s organizations, conference attendees, yoga and fitness studio personnel and clientele, and business audiences to be bold and take action to live their best life. A recovered self-hater, Courtney ultimately learned to love herself through movement. Her platform and podcast, Fit, Fierce and Fabulous, have inspired thousands of women to practice self love while reaching for and achieving big goals.

Courtney is a recurring contributor to CBS Channel 8 Las Vegas NOW, and has appeared on Leading Las Vegas. Companies like, The Jackie Fame Network and have used Courtney’s expertise to showcase proper exercise form, inspiring tips and healthy habits. She holds certifications as a Personal Trainer and Behavioral Change Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Sports Nutrition through Precision Nutrition. She also holds a degree in Health Sciences from Fullerton College.

Public Speaking and Events

As a recovered self-hater, Courtney discovered self-love through movement and eating a well balanced diet. Through her dynamic story-telling, lessons and workshops, Courtney has been sought out by brands like Lorna Jane, Jackie Fame, Yoga Studios and Conferences to share her story and motivate others to get fit, fierce and fabulous. To book Courtney please contact her directly here.

Keynotes and Topics:

Movement Creates Magical Shifts In Your Life
Courtney shares her inspiring story of how she transformed a life controlled by bulimia, anxiety and depression to one of acceptance, self love and empowerment. Her journey, which shifted forever the day she picked up a weight and started lifting, became the basis of Fit, Fierce and Fabulous, a platform that empowers women to energize their work and lives while strengthening their body, mind and spirit. Audiences leave this talk motivated about what can happen when unrealistic expectations are released and the door to self confidence is flung open.

Drop It Like It’s Hot: Empower Your Mind, Body and Confidence
What if women loved their bodies instead of shaming them? Believed in their abilities instead of questioning them? In this fun, uplifting talk, Courtney shares why making movement part of your lifestyle is key to feeling fired up, fueled and empowered. Audience members learn how to strengthen their body mind connection by integrating movement with mindset – and come away feeling confident, knowing they don’t need to look outside themselves for acceptance.

Four Nutrients to Self Love
Diets are commonplace in our culture – and, unfortunately, many are based on deprivation and the incessant drive to change and control our bodies. In this inspiring and actionable talk, Courtney combines research, personal stories, and a hefty dose of fun to show audiences how to use easy and sustainable nutrition practices to power up their lives and stay inspired and empowered to maintain good nutrition habits long after the talk ends.

Courtney’s talks can be delivered as keynotes, business or association presentations, workshops or corporate trainings.



“Courtney is a powerhouse speaker who takes you inside her own struggle and recovery from body issues and makes you fall in love with your own body, no matter what shape it is in.  She is instantly engaging and draws you right in as if she is talking to you personally, inspiring you to step into your own power.  After listening to Courtney speak I began to appreciate what my body could do for me and was able to begin to let go of those long held “body issues” all women face.  Finding my own strength, both inside and out, became suddenly very tangible.  I was inspired to finally begin to really take care of my own body and my own spirit.” 

Courtney Spencer

Transformational Life and Business Coach, Professional Speaker, Attorney

Expat Ladies Magazine Workshop

“Courtney took a room of well dressed women and inspired them to let loose and set some goals! Her action oriented speech has the entire room motivated and inspired to make some much needed changes to their health and wellness. If you are looking for someone to put a fun twist on getting healthy, Courtney is your gal and will make it fun for everyone!”
-Attendee of Expat Ladies Workshop

4 Macros to Self Love at Yogatique Studios

“We have had the opportunity and privilege of having Courtney Violet Bentley speak to our students and clients several times in 2015. Courtney is always well presented, passionate and an excellent ambassador for the health and fitness industry. She is able to connect with a wide audience and her enthusiasm for her subject matter is contagious. We value Courtney as a business associate, a member of our community and as a friend. We would not hesitate to use her professional services again or recommend her to anyone who was looking for a dynamic public speaker”
– Minh Owner of Yogatique

Commit to Fitness with Fine Awards

“Courtney brought an energy to our team that was engaging and honest. She certainly has the experience but it’s her life’s path that makes what she shares relatable and real. From the moment you meet Courtney you will feel how she truly lives what she shares which makes it easy for her audiences to jump up out of their seats and join in. We can’t wait to continue to grow our team culture and health first message with her help along the way.”
– Seth Fine of Fine Awards

Macros to Self Love at Women’s Conference

Courtney tells her story and shares her insight on what health and wellness means today. Instead of focusing on the diet aspect she teaches the women of the American Women’s Group to make healthy choices to fuel their love for themselves and in their bodies. She carefully crafted a speech that was entertaining, fun and inspirational.

Pechakucha Bangkok

Known as the Japanese TED Talks, Pechakucha is is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). The format, which keeps presentations concise and fast-paced speakers. Courtney was invited to share her story and her journey from self hate to finding her self love.

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Courtney has appeared on a variety of TV segments including Channel 8 Las Vegas NOW, Leading Las Vegas and on the Jackie Fame Network. She speaks and presents using a unique approach and loves chatting about heath, lifestyle, wellness, exercises and mindset motivation.


Channel 8 News

Courtney has appeared as a fitness expert showcasing different exercises to tone up your arms on Las Vegas Now with host Lindsey Simon.

Motivational Monday Las Vegas NOW

Showcasing her expertise, personal trainer Courtney Bentley shows host of Las Vegas NOW Mercedes how to squat and build a stronger backside.


Courtney is chatting with host Courtney about her top Sugar Snack Alternatives during a Halloween themed LAS Vegas NOW Segment.

Motivational Monday Las Vegas NOW

Courtney is sharing her top tips for beating the Freshman 15 for college students with host Lindsey Simon on LAS VEGAS Now!

Spring Salad Tips

Courtney is chatting with host Courtney about her top Sugar Snack Alternatives during a Halloween themed LAS Vegas NOW Segment.

Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day LVNOW

Courtney is sharing her top tips for beating the Freshman 15 for college students with host Lindsey Simon on LAS VEGAS Now!

Healthy Summer Snacks with Las Vegas NOW

Courtney showcases her expertise in nutrition on the go with Las Vegas NOW host Lindsey Simon.

Leading Las Vegas Interview

Video Marketing Expert Danielle Ford interviews Courtney on Why a Healthy Mindset Equals Success.

Sweeten Your Valentines Nutrition Segment

Courtney Bentley shares nutrition tips to sweeten and spice up your Valentines Day with Las Vegas NOW Host Mercedes.

Instructional Fitness Videos

Companies like, The Jackie Fame Network and have used Courtney and her expertise to showcase proper form, inspiring tips and share healthy habits! Expert Trainer Expert Trainer

Face of Sey Brand’s Fitness Line

Collaboration with Lifestyle Apartment Elysian

Ab Exercises in Elysian West Expert Trainer


Courtney has shown her expertise through interviews, informative articles and magazine features as a way to spread her knowledge and passion. She has been fitness editor of Expat Ladies, featured in Lifestyle Asia, interviewed for Desert Companion Magazine, Defining Women, quoted in publications Byrdie.Com, Greatist.Com, SweatGuru.Com and many more.

Desert Companion Summer 2017

Defining Women Fall 2016

Rated Top Trainer in Bangkok 2015

Quoted on TotalBeauty.Com

Quoted on Byrdie.Com

Quoted on Greatist.Com

Quoted on HealAm.Com

Quoted on DailyTreasure.Com

Brand Collaborations/Partners

Courtney creates unique content and loves collaborating with brands who want to inspire women to get fit, feel fierce and be fabulous. To view her media kit please contact her directly here.